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Voluntary Work around the World

In 1998, already almost blind, I discovered the antique wisdom of I Ching and with the help of the fantastic world of Chinese Medicine, Nei Jing, I understood that there were ways to be useful in my community by becoming an ANMA, the oriental blind masseurs/masseuses who can see better because they practice health and well-being with their hands. While struggling with my lack of vision, I studied and practiced for two years at the International Association of Traditional Medicines and Health Activities, in Lisbon, and decided on my new career as a healer, working with my hands.  Synchronicities follow all along and when in 2000 I met Meir Schneider and his Self-Healing Method, while working on myself, I immediately introduced Self-Healing in Portugal to as many people interested in vision and body problems. In 2003 I was ready - body and soul, and finally the amazing grace brought me back to normal vision conditions.
Life experience of losing and regaining full vision opened the doors to my Mission in life: telling my story, passing my experience and helping all those who need and wish to improve their Vision and quality of life. Cooperation and solidarity for a better world!

For all Portuguese Language Countries 

Since 2003 complete programs of events happen in São Paulo, all over Brazil, once a year in Portugal and through TV internet programs to all Portuguese language countries.

More than 15.000 people in São Paulo Parks: for thirteen years, twice a week, voluntary vision sessions with body and vision exercises happen in Parks around São Paulo as well as in Lisbon with an ongoing program of volunteers training to work with me in Parks. Thousands of teachers and students in schools and universities were already trained in natural vision exercises.  In 2010 a special holiday's vision program for children in São Paulo Central Park was developed with excellent results. Check some Interesting Comments of happy participants of our events.

Promoting conferences, lectures and interviews in Parks, Museums, and Universities in São Paulo: more than once I made it available to all those interested in Vision and Self-Healing the opportunity to meet Meir Schneider, his work and books.

About 500 people a year in Portugal participate regularly in free lectures, talks and seminars in Lisbon, Madeira e the rest of Portugal. This work started in 2000 and training volunteers in Portugal is also an ongoing project.


Internet opening doors: My intensive participation in TV programs and internet TV channels is helping thousands of people in Brazil and around the world, to learn how to exercise their eyes and body for a better quality of vision and life.

Representing Brazil and Portugal Internationally

Almost blind, I decided to participate in international holistic vision conferences and put Brazil and Portugal in the map. 2002 was in Paris, at the 17th International Conference for Holistic Vision. At the next edition I was participant and speaker in Zurich and the official organizer and speaker at the 19th International Conference, a great success, in Madeira Island. At the 20th International Conference, in Italy, 2005, with Dr. Laercio Motoryn, we presented the natural therapies and medical aspects of Low Vision. The 21st International Conference in 2007 was in Germany and I presented with great interest and success, the results of my work during 2003-2007, with a new approach of how to take care of low vision person's eyesight. A special prize was awarded for the work in the Parks in São Paulo. With the Polish vision therapist and psychologist Mikolaj Markiewicz, we both excited the imagination of the conference room with the presentation and debates on "An Epidemic of Myopia in Schools: Fate or Choice?" at the 22nd   Conference, in Spa, Belgium, 2009. 

After the 2nd British Natural Vision Conference in London, in 2010, where we became children once again, the 23rd International Holistic Vision Conference task place in October 2011, in Italy, by the Varese Lake. In this beautiful location, Villa Cagnola at Gazzada, the 24th Conference had more than one hundred participants enjoying the latest news and experiences in the natural vision improvement area, with more Bates and more Self-Healing for all. The 25th Conference takes place in Madrid, Spain, 2015 -  www.ihvcmadrid2015.com  with more details in Recent News.  

The next edition will happen in Edinburg, 2017.  

"I am really glad to learn of your path of transformation, this very special way of transmuting pain into a flower, of springing over from a trampoline of blindness to becoming a therapist of Clear Vision.  Congratulations for the Alchemy, dear friend!" Roberto Crema.


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