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Following new paths in Israel with Meir Schneider’s Blessings



May 2016 : “I will be glad to recommend yor work to every one since you are excellent in all your functions as a therapist and a teacher. So let us be in touch.  Please be in touch with Vered in Israel she is in the north of the country but through Vered you can meet many of my friends also through Zehava and meet people that do my work.  It is wonderful to hear from you many blessings, Meir.”



Description: Vision Always! Through fantastic comments, statements and most of all success stories, full of details, while practicing natural vision exercises, we keep in touch and enjoy the transformation in each participant. Enjoy just a few, mostly translated from Portuguese for your appreciation and involvement. Send your comment, let us share more awareness and happiness!
” Imagine, I have organized eye training in the park in Budapest! 
We have spent one hour in a park and did the exercises outdoors and then continued in a flat. I used tennis balls for massaging and we palmed. Thanks for the idea!” 
Lilla - Hungary


“With discipline and motivation, I can see better far and near after four months practicing 3h30/4hours a day. Slowly I reduced to 2h30hours daily and my vision improved. No more eyestrain and I don’t use anymore glasses for near. Oriented by my ophthalmologist, I stopped using the eye drops for the high pressure in my eyes. I realize that I see better far and my weaker left eye improves daily” Nair, SP 

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"Clear sight and tridimensional vision is what I am aware of after our two hours session on natural vision improvement, in São Paulo. Back home, I’m practicing regularly and enjoy having this exercises time all for myself, I concentrate and don’t fight any longer with my glasses.” Renata, Mato Grosso.  

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"Living with low vision is not easy at all! I practice sunning daily when there is sun or even with no sun or when it rains! Slowly, my crossed eye is improving and I can see flowers in details for a long time, when I take my eye off the central focus. Blinking and swinging help and I realize now that even if I don’t have a good night sleep, I wake up with my eyes relaxed. Palming is a great joy”. Sueli, Maceió.
"The exercise with the flower is really great! Remember when I told you I had a serious vision problem and my right eye had just 10% vision? After working thoroughly with the flower, covering the left eye and just working with the right eye I now have 76% of vision with this eye! In my chart tests I was 20/400 at th beginning of the year and just after two months the doctor checked well and I am now 20/40”. Wellington, RJ.

"Sharing my keratoconus problems with you was very important. Even if I don’t come anymore to the Park, I practice for a few minutes daily fully concentrated and aware of what I am doing. And I must confess that improvements do happen, slowly, steadily and almost imperceptibly. But when I compare before and after exercises, I realize the difference. I don’t use anymore my glasses at any situation and I hope to see you soon in the Park, once again”. Fabio, SP.

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Keeping me aware from far "Thanks for been always with me, sending news and preparing videos that motivate and keep up our spirits, from far! The best news: my intraocular pressure reduced to 22(RE) and 18(LE). No more contact lenses or dark sun glasses. Eye-patch exercises and fresh compresses and I use three hours of pinholes glasses daily and whenever I need to read”. Leila. 

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“Almost all my aches have gone away! I finished reading Meir Schneider Movement for Self-Healing, your booklet Eyes Health, so easy to understand! I listened to your CDs many times and memorized your relaxing voice. Indeed, after just four days most aches went away. The pain I had on the shoulder and neck simply disappeared because while I listened to your voice I went on practicing” Luciana, Espirito Santo. 

"Capillary problems improved and reduced floaters! During my last visit to the eye specialist, after checking me he was very surprised with the results: improvement of the capillary problems and less floaters( I already had forgotten all about then!) and returning after six months the same doctor confirmed that the fundus of my eyes improved about 35/40%. He asked me to go on with all I was doing. Great!”  Ines, Brasilia.

"Exercises help after cataracts surgery, indeed! My eye specialist was surprised that after the operation I did not need any glasses, for far or near. Making regularly my eye exercises, soon they had good focus far and near. It is important to keep the muscles active” Eduardo, São Paulo.


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“The importance of taking care of diabetes and my eyes, excited us,   
my mother and I, and we were enchanted with the classes in the Park, our private sessions and of course the Magic Saturday. It was consciousness from the very first moment. We returned home fully aware that there must be a daily commitment to really take care of diabetes and my eyes, for the rest of my life! This new venture is beginning and I know I can count on you, thanks Master”. Marilivia, SP.