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Let us keep in touch, from Israel!

Being able to see again made me understand the importance of change and transformation in my life. Following 13 years of “vision for all” in Brazil, I am now extending my mission through new paths while moving to Israel.

During these 13 years, my voluntary work reached more than 15,000 people of all ages, body and vision problems, more than 700 participants were present at my ten consecutive yearly holistic vision seminars.  More than 3000 men and women, young and aged, came to more than 100 workshops I promoted all over Brazil, while I was simultaneously fully committed to my individual students. Now energies flow in to my new work in Israel.

Students and clients in Brazil and Portugal will continue to get my full support in vision therapies, basically through the use of updated technologies such as Skype and Hangouts (Google). Workshops and seminars will continue to happen at least twice a year.

Feeling the joy and creativity fulfilling most moments of my life, as always, I will be working on new projects in Israel, with more studies and renewed research. These steps will surely improve my journey of understanding for better healing processes, wellness and consciousness.

Healing is a full commitment, here and now, and I will be happy to be in touch with all friends. Technologies are easier to access and use, so we can always be in touch. See you soon in Israel!



Portugal in 2016 / 2017


With the change of my base to Jerusalem in the near future, distances will be reduced, so  work and contacts in Portugal will increase.  Keeping up traditional yearly visits to Portugal, when Lisbon becomes the center of natural vision improvement, October 2015 was not different. Several talks, happy meetings, private sessions the season was a success for those interested in natural vision improvement and self-healing. Let us prepare 2017.
For those interested in following natural vision and body activities in Lisbon, please note full support of our partner Ana Sendim, who is always available during the whole year with immediate access through our updated site on page Programs Portugal. . For details and booking of sessions as well as support materials, please call (351) 918681678 or use her e-mail


Vision Workshops in Jerusalem

In the near future, we shall promote our traditional eight hours vision workshop, when we carry out an experience of natural vision improvement for a limited group of adult participants, who come to learn and recycle vision and body exercises. 
If you are interested, need more details, please contact us using the e-mail







11th Brazilian Holistic Vision Seminar, 2017, São Paulo 

After ten yearly national seminars, for more than 700 participants, we will be preparing the Program for the 11th National Holistic Vision Conference, to happen in 2017, dates to be confirmed yet. If you speak Portuguese, have vision problems and want to retreat in a beautiful environment for four days, you should come over to São Paulo and let us discover together how you can improve naturally your vision. 

The 11th National Seminar will be carried out fully by Sylvia Lakeland  and  her logistics partner Adijon Group. Adult participants of all ages are very welcome.  Students and interested people arrive from all over, booking individual vision session days before or after the Seminar. 

Early bookings with special discounts will happen so take time to confirm your dates, schedule private sessions, book your room and transport facilities:   +55 (11) 5081-4051.  We always hope to reach our ongoing goal: to improve vision of all participants while enjoying life. Peace, love and clear vision always! Keep an eye on the dates, check the Agenda.





The 10th National Holistic Vision Seminar - 2015 

Sylvia Lakeland, the team as well as our partner Adijon Group, in the excellent area just 40km from the center of São Paulo, received the participants from all over Brazil starting with a luncheon and wonderful afternoon discovering the Lakelandvisionfocus Method.  With fantastic results, new friendships were built; excellent location enjoyed and surprises stimulating vision and good health with lots of creativity, humor and hard work. Night Vision was a must during the three nights and a real transformation happened with all participants in the four days. Check Programs Brazil/Holistic Vision Special Events for more details and come and join us from 22 to 25 September in São Paulo!   





XXV IHVC 2015 – Alcalá Madrid

With the theme “Seeing holistically: body, mind and eyes in balance for a healthier life”,   the 25th International Holistic Vision Conference happened in Alcalá -Madrid, Spain, from 29 October to 02 November 2015. Organized by our Spanish friends, the ophthalmologist Dr. Amelia Salvador Villalba and the vision therapist Amelia Jurado Fernandez., the event was remarkable.                 
A meaningful network was created, especially with the first time presence of so many therapists from Latin America. Specialists from all over presented their news and we all learned a lot. Check the site for more details as well as other pages in this site.



Presentations and workshops were really innovative and with the help of Rafael Izquierdo we had excellent morning vision and body exercises, including ChiWalking, with full participation at 6.30am every day!!! Great impact! Please check link:
Now let us get ready for Edinburgh, Scotland in 2017: