My History

“Since I recovered vision in 2003, after the ordeal of losing sight during almost ten years, my Mission is to pass on my experience and story, from darkness to full vision, and help all those who wish to look with new eyes into their own lives and the World. Having discovered new creative paths, millenary traditions and innovative sources of inspiration including Meir Schneider, I recovered vision and became a Natural Vision Therapist, a Self-Healing Teacher and Vision Improvement Teacher.

Welcome to lots of fun and entertainment with natural vision improvement  I organize  all over São Paulo, other states in Brazil and in Portugal: a complete agenda of voluntary work outdoor vision exercises in parks and an intensive calendar of lectures, seminars, workshops and courses, a complete support with audiovisual products, all with a clear purpose of being a life-changing experience! 

We must open our eyes, believe, have the courage to change and persevere in our work to create a happier and more peaceful world we chose to live in”.  

Sylvia Loretta Lakeland