My Mission

Vision for all is my Mission: is telling my story and the incredible vision and life experiences I lived and still discover every day.  Being able to see again made me understand the importance of change and transformation in my life. A fantastic opportunity came across my path and now I am able to be permanently conscious and aware of how important is to be here and now, feeling the joy and creativity fulfilling most moments of my life. 
Following 13 years of “vision for all” in Brazil, I am now extending my mission through new paths while moving to Israel. As always, I will be working on new projects, with more studies and renewed research. These steps will surely improve my journey of understanding for better healing processes, wellness and consciousness.

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Soon after I recovered vision in 2003, I settled in São Paulo, near the Ibirapuera Central Park. During a long walk, totally aware of all the colors and smells, I reviewed my life and tried to understand what had happened to me: from a shy young myopic girl I became a successful high myopic executive. I lost my vision as an adult and after to many difficult experiences I got back my full vision! What a fantastic life cycle! Sitting on a bench and looking at the birds and flowers about me, I wondered: is that all there is and what now?


  Path with Flowers   Looking at a distance   Looking at a details

There are no doubts that the best place for natural vision and body exercises is outdoors, and for the last thirteen years more than 15.000 spontaneous participants were followed, for a two hours practice twice a week: we laugh, jump, play balls and concentrate on our eyes, accepting with a light heart our vision problems. Healing is a full commitment and wonderful Comments prove it. 

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Part of my voluntary work is training new members and now, while  leaving Brazil, an incredible group of volunteers learned , helped  me for years, and now will continue my work giving support  to all those interested in improving their own vision and helping others. So my work is spreading all over São Paulo as well as in Portugal.

Patch Adams, best known for his work as a medical doctor and a clown and also a social activist confirms: Wellness encompasses how we feel, the interconnectedness of these factors and the efforts to translate them into action. Wellness is a process, a journey during which we choose which paths to follow:  laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process.  Think of your friends every day, and tell them of your love and appreciation"